A general counsel for a large software company recently described patent law as one of the “black arts.”  His comment is understandable because patent law is extremely complex.  This blog site is intended to explain patent terms and to answer basic patent questions for inventors and small business owners.  Hopefully, this blog site will shed light on the dark subject of patent law.

This blog site is maintained by the Law Office of Bill Naifeh. At the Law Office of Bill Naifeh, we often work in the role of a “part time” in-house IP counsel.  This non-traditional relationship allows us to better understand the business and technology of our clients.  We work with our clients to develop strategic objectives and plans in a practical and cost effective manner.  We also work with other law firms to provide complete solutions for our clients. In addition to offering IP portfolio management services to small and mid size companies throughout the United States, we assist IP departments of larger companies and provide in-house conversion assistance, in-house training, IP audits, and international patent strategies.

More information may be found at www.naifeh.com.